In spite of the undeniable importance of a timely payroll  preparation to a business, some employers have no idea about how to prepare payrolls. There are lots of advantages associated with a professional preparation of a payroll, some of which are listed on this page. Furthermore, this article offers crucial information about one of the simplest methods of payroll preparation for any business. For starters, make sure that you have gathered as much information as you can about your employee’s tax withholding, their social security numbers as well as any other vital information that must be present in a given payroll. 

Immediately you are done getting information regarding your employees, the next step is to identify the time when your employees have been working for you which can be done by looking at the systems that they use that when they are clocking in or out of work. After you have identified the specific time the employees where at work, the next step is to multiply that time with their hourly rate or if you pay them on the basis of the days of the week, you can then take the days of the week when each employee came to work and then multiply it with the weekly pay. 

The next step after you know the time when the employees worked for you is to calculate their pay which can be done by multiplying the regular hours that the employees did their work with the standard rate. If the employees worked overtime or for more days than they were supposed to, you can then multiply those extra hours with the rate that you pay them for any work done overtime or for more days than the standard number of days. 

The next step to take after you have carried the above is to take out any deductions that must be deducted from your employees pay for example; the withholding tax due to the fact that you will be committing an offense if you do not submit the employees withholding tax to the authorities.  When you are sure that you have done the above steps effectively, you can then pay your employees and come up with a pay stub where you will write your employee's checks.  Having paid your employees informing them that you will listen to them if they have any contradicting information about their pay so that you discuss it out with him or her. 

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